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Playdough Fun with Books

Playdough might be the most perfect universal material for the early childhood classroom. It is so versatile! Here’s a great way to scaffold the learning of the children in your early education programs. For younger students, math is still an abstract concept. ┬áBeing able… Continue Reading “Playdough Fun with Books”

Math Books for Young Children

These are a few of my favorite math books! I have linked them to the Maine Early Development and Learning Standards. I created this annotated bibliography as part of a math assignment for my college course. Campbell, S. C., & Campbell, R. P. (2014).… Continue Reading “Math Books for Young Children”

Simple Math Materials to Enhance Your Classroom

Math, there is so much more to explore than simply 1, 2, 3, 4! Here at Shunk Child Care, we work hard to make sure your children develop the necessary mathematical skills to become lifelong mathematicians. We do this by ensuring our curriculum meets… Continue Reading “Simple Math Materials to Enhance Your Classroom”

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