My name is Sasha Shunk and I have been a family child care provider for over 19 years. I am often asked by other family child care providers for my tips and tricks. I have compiled several pre-recorded training webinars which are available at a low cost.

Click the links below to register for a training. After payment is received you will be sent an email containing the link to the training video and instructions how to to obtain the certificate of completion for the training.

Training Webinars

Spreadsheets Made Simple: Tracking Income and Expenses

In this webinar, I will go over the basics of tracking income and expenses using a Google Spreadsheet. I will demonstrate how to enter simple formulas so the spreadsheet does all the calculations for you! The same technique can be applied to an Excel Spreadsheet. Learn about how to sort and store your receipts. I’ll discuss the importance of the time space ratio and show you how to calculate.

Business Basics for Family Child Care Providers (coming soon)

Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned provider, learn new tips and tricks to hone your business skills. I’ll review ways to track your income and expenses and tips on how to stay organized. Expense categories as well as time space percentage will be discussed. Learn about the benefits of having a business checking account and how to build a business savings. Not sure you’ll be able to ever save? I’ll talk about ways to increase your net income.

Math: Easy Ways to Integrate into Your Early Childhood Program (coming soon)

Math, there is so much more to explore than simply 1, 2, 3, 4! In this webinar you’ll discover techniques to integrate math concepts such as geometry, measurement, and even algebra, into your early childhood program.

Inclusion in the Kitchen: Meal Time for All (coming soon)

Over the years we have noticed an increase in children who have allergies or other dietary preferences. Our programs have consistently enrolled vegetarian, vegan and children with multiple allergies or religious considerations around food. As enrollees in the federal food program and also the child care subsidy program we are mindful of budgeting and creating equity in our kitchens.

We love being creative and have come up with many simple, time saving and budget friendly meals that are enjoyed by all or require minimal modifications to accommodate diverse diets. 

This workshop will be focused around creating a kitchen that is welcoming to diverse food preferences and needs. A visual presentation will include a step by step guide to recipes for Vegans and Vegetarians. Topics such as religious, philosophical, allergies and compliance with federal food programs will be covered. 

Incorporating More Free Play while still meeting Learning Standards (coming soon)

Early childhood educators often talk about the challenge of ensuring they are meeting the academic needs of the children in their program. Educators often tell say they don’t know how to ensure their children are “school ready” if they allow large chunks of free play in their program. 

The goal of this session is to demonstrate how you can offer large blocks of free play into your day while still ensuring children’s academic needs are being met by incorporate learning standards into your daily routines. 

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