Simple Math Materials to Enhance Your Classroom

Math, there is so much more to explore than simply 1, 2, 3, 4!

Here at Shunk Child Care, we work hard to make sure your children develop the necessary mathematical skills to become lifelong mathematicians. We do this by ensuring our curriculum meets Maine’s Developmental Learning Standards (MELDS.)

MELDS define five areas of math: mathematical practices, counting and cardinality cluster, operations and algebraic thinking, geometry, and measurement and data.

I purchased cedar deck railings from Lowe’s for about $12 each. I painted with black acrylic paint. I opted to add yellow dashes as this material was originally intended for the cars in the block area.

The railings can be used as ramps. The children time how long it takes their car to get to the end. We have 2 railings, so they compare times. The children try and roll down numerous types of materials (cars, balls, pinecones, acorns, etc.)

The children also use the railings for balancing. Experimenting with standing on each side. This helps them explore weights, leverage, and balances. The sections I have are 6ft, I opted not to cut in half. The children even devised their own teeter totter.

Ramp 4

Our railings have persisted for over a year providing HOURS of learning enjoyment for the children. Open ended materials are the perfect “math material” to enhance your classroom.

This material meets MELDS standards Mathematical Practices, Geometry, Measurement and Data:

  • Recognizes the idea of a “problem” and “problem solving” in the physical and social world.
  • Communicates math ideas verbally and non-verbally
  • Uses physical movement to gain understanding of orientation and directionality
  • Responds to words indicating directionality and position through physical movement (near, far, beside, up, down, over.)



Click to access Maine-ELDS.pdf

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